Benefits of wind energy

Now, as we need to be collectively greener with our energy production, it is essential we choose a renewable energy source which is easy to set up, cost effective and has lots of factors to benefit from.

Some of the benefits of wind energy are as follows:

Plenty of wind
The UK has the most wind in Europe, with the winds in the UK accounting for over 40% of the total wind in Europe. The frequently windy days at high speeds will produce enough wind energy to collect and store to use on none windy days. Unlike coal and oil the wind will never run out so if the UK was totally reliant on wind power there would never be a need to research into different methods of energy production.

Cost effective
After the initial cost of setting up a wind farm or your wind turbine at home there are very little additional costs other than occasionally maintaining the equipment. There are many financial benefits from installing a wind farm in your home. As soon as your wind turbine is installed you will immediately benefit from the reduction of your electricity bills. If you produce more energy than you can possibly use or store for future use you will be able to sell your energy to the National Grid and profit from your wind turbine. This will mean you get to recoup the costs (usually starting at £2000) of installing your wind turbine even quicker than you may have initially expected.

Long term use
After installing the wind turbine you will only need to maintain and check it every few years. Any excess wind power you produce and decide to store on a battery for future use rather than sell to the National Grid can be stored for between 6-10 years.

Avoid power cuts
Ofgem has predicted in the following years we will experience more power cuts, more often! You can easily avoid these if you have a battery full of energy stored from your wind turbine!

Pollution free
Unlike many other forms of energy production, wind energy is relatively pollution free. The only difficulty is the initial set up of the turbines. Studies have also found that one 6kWh wind turbine installed in a windy place at a private home each year can produce 10000 kWh; this is approximately equal to 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The biggest benefit of using wind energy is the fact you are helping the environment!